Baby, Decide  

Baby, you have to decide
Baby, you´re hurting my pride
You can´t have two, you know
It will never last

Baby, make up your mind
Baby, you´re spoiling our time
You have to choose or go
It has to be fast

I can´t go hiding
what I feel for you
It hurts my pride and babe
you know it´s true
it´s making me blue

So baby, you´ll have to choose
Baby, this is no use
My love for you is strong
but so is my pride
So baby, decide


Mikael Wiehe: sång, ak.gitarr
Thomas Wiehe: kör, ak.gitarr
Håkan Ripa: kör, tamburin

Inspelad på Club Oscar i Malmö
av Jan Thurén den 26 juni 1969