Country Pleasures  
Country Pleasures skrev jag på den tiden då så många inom vänstern skulle flytta ut på landet, köpa en skola och bo billigt i det gröna.

Country pleasures
that’s what we’re bound for
that’s what we’re going to
Country pleasures
that’s what I long for
Country pleasures with you

Me and my girl
went out in the world
to see what it had to give
In many a city
we found it a pity
that people were forced to live

Country pleasures…

Smoke in the sky
and smoke in your eyes
Everything’s dust and dirt
You can’t even speak
for the noise in the street
and to walk there is just absurd

Country pleasures…

No, where the water’s still clean
and where the grass still is green
where you can see that the sky is blue
and where the snow that falls is white
where you can see the stars at night
that’s where I’m going with you

Country pleasures…


"Hoola Bandoola Export" /
"Ingenting förändras av sig själv"/
"Aldrig bli som ni, CD1":

Mikael Wiehe: sång, ak.gitarr
Björn Afzelius: kör
Peter Clemmedson: ak.gitarr, kör
Povel Randén: baskör

Inspelad och mixad i MNW's studio i Vaxholm
av Anders Larsson, våren 1971

Mikael Wiehe