Flowers Across the Wall (H. Ripa)  

Flowers across the wall
Four words with no sense at all
flashing through my mind
Just write them down
try to find a rhyme
People are deaf, no matter that I´m blind

Flowers across the wall
Two in fact, one small and one tall
Wake up with the spring
Then realize
life ain´t anything
Fall with the fall that falls like falling rain

Love, word that lasts forever
Love, feeling and mind together
Love, now I have found you please
I´ve had a dream, I´m confessing
that now, when caressing your smile
I know it will come true

Flowers across the wall
Four words with some sense after all
License but a pen
sounds kind of worse
Only wonder when
nonsense like that will bring the world insane


Håkan Ripa: sång, 12-strängad ak.gitarr
Thomas Wiehe: kör, ak.gitarr
Mikael Wiehe: klarinett

Inspelad på Sveriges Television i Malmö
till programmet Open Door
den 19 mars 1968