Happy Birthday  

When people talk about the past
they say that time is running fast
No, no, time doesn´t go
faster than you want it to go
No, no, time doesn´t show
If you didn´t tell us no one would know

And when they speak of getting old
they say it´s lonely, dark and cold
Why, why, heaven is high
and light if you keep it inside
Why, why shouldn´t you fly
You´re young just as long as you try

The final defeat
is if you give up your hope of love
that´ll make you see
and make you open up, open up

So don´t you worry about time
It doesn´t pass inside your mind
Hey, hey, this is your day
Come on and let me show you the way
Hey, hey, please let me say
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you


Håkan Ripa: sång, ak.gitarr
Thomas Wiehe: kör, el.gitarr
Mikael Wiehe: kör,
Bengt-Göran Bjernhager: el.bas
Johan Bergström: trummor

Inspelad på
Swing Inn i Malmö
för Sveriges Radios program
Lördag med ungdomsredaktionen
den 22 november 1969