Hurry Up  (T. Wiehe)  

Hurry up, it´s five o´clock
The bell keeps ringing, knocks you up
Jump in your clothes, speed through the door
Then hurry down the empty streets

You have no time to drink your tea
Your work is growing enormously
Fast, faster, fast as fast can be
It looks like penal servitude

I really would like to see you laughing
I really would love to see you living
I would appreciate to see you here

You do believe them when they say
you´re late. You have no time today
to realize just where you stay
and find out who you really are

Then hurry home, you´re in a jiffy
The day was fine, terrific
But the sad countenance is stiffy
when you lie in bed asleep

Increase the tempo to a tearing pace
I can see your thoughts behind the fed up face
You´ve been blinded by their silly speed and race
It´s a one-way road you´re travelling on
Down... down, down, down, down, down, down


Thomas Wiehe: sång, ak.gitarr
Håkan Ripa: sång
Mikael Wiehe: kör, ak.gitarr

Inspelad på Club Oscar i Malmö
av Jan Thurén den 4 oktober 1968