Little Old Man (H. Ripa)  

"Fairy tales, cheap, for sale
Their blood will freeze
Three bob a book
I´m begging you please
Then as well, little bells
of gold, they´ll mind
Children are blessed
You have to be kind"

Little old man selling his stuff
Born in a van
looking conspiciously rough
But if you care to come close
putting your hand for your nose
A living saint
you´ll hear and faint

Ginger ale, weak, too pale
No fancy drinks
Laughter will roar
pub manager thinks
If a man can´t afford
exquisite taste
dwell in the slum
and cover your face

Little old man...


Håkan Ripa: sång, ak.gitarr
Thomas Wiehe: kör, ak.gitarr
Mikael Wiehe: kör, klarinett
Bengt-Göran Bjernhager: el.bas

Inspelad i Konserthallen på Liseberg i Göteborg under finalen i Sveriges Radios
Popbandstävling den 26 augusti 1969