Looking Forward (T. Wiehe)  

Looking forward for another day
When will this girl of mine
give me the chance to say:
Got a secret for you
I love you, I love you, I love you
and please don´t turn away

Darkness around me, I´m all alone
Will ever dawnlight part
this fearless moan
No sleeping, the moon still shines
Her last words burn inside
as I hide

What can I do to prove to you
I want your loving, I want you
But I don´t want to borrow for a while
to pay back tomorrow with a smile

Still thinking of the girl I met
But when she left me there
I was upset
Turn away, run away
And don´t you bother me


Thomas Wiehe: sång, ak.gitarr
Håkan Ripa: kör, ak.gitarr
Mikael Wiehe: kör, klarinett

Inspelad i Malmö
av Jan Thurén
den 25 november 1969