Morecambe Town (T. Wiehe)  

When walking down the promenade
you´ll find The Royal Pub
On second floor across the street
it´s called The Sportsman´s Club
The Wimpy Bar down under there
to us it sounds so well
Another pub named King´s Arms
the best one I can tell

I don´t want to change my home town
´cause it´s where I´m homeward bound
If you don´t believe me
why don´t you come and see the
best place ever known

Well, take the bus and further down
there is Happy Mount Park
You can take your girl or take a walk
whether it is light or dark
And if you want to enjoy yourself
there is The Central Pier
The crowded floor, the fighting mods
the groups well worth to hear

I don´t want to change my home town...

Whatever you do well, don´t forget
to go to Ship Hotel
Let´s hurry down, don´t stand and wait
for a better chance to come
The sentimental music there
the melancholy waiter
The soft romancing, dancing people
I wouldn´t say they hate her

I don´t want to change my home town...


Thomas Wiehe: sång, ak.gitarr
Håkan Ripa: sång, ak.gitarr
Mikael Wiehe: kör

Inspelad på Scandinavian Discotéque
(föregångare till Club Oscar) i Malmö
av Jan Thurén den 11 april 1968