Permutations (H. Ripa)  

Permutations wear me down
Fully burden my mind
Good and evil hand in hand
Wish I´d wake up in time

Look at me
My irresisting manners smile but willingly
Talk to me
to tell refinement answers moves you thrillingly
Still I´m a fake
Wouldn´t show but my age
Something´s to blame

Permutations wear me down...

Once you quite
and without doubts in mind respected faithfulness
Then you lied
and raped your neighbours daughter, caring even less
And now you´re a fake
Doesn´t show but your age
Ask me I know

Permutations wear me down...

Hear the sad
and quite destructive rhythm of a washing machine
Makes you mad,
rolling, squeezing, never seizing, though it cleans
How does it feel,
inside a wheel
Ask me I know

Permutations wear me down...


Håkan Ripa: sång,
12-strängad ak.gitarr
Thomas Wiehe: kör, ak.gitarr
Mikael Wiehe: kör, tvärflöjt
Bengt-Göran Bjernhager: el.bas
Åke Lindholm: trummor

Inspelad i Konserthallen
på Liseberg i Göteborg
under kvartsfinalen i
Sveriges Radios
den 19 augusti 1969