Rosemarie (T. Wiehe)  

Cold blows the wind
and gently falls the rain
Brown autumn leaves
pass by my windowpane
The candlelight casts
so dark and so lonesome shadows

I´m hiding behind
the thick walls and locked up doors
Burned every ship
and plugged up the corridors
Suddenly I hear
someone is silently sighing

The sweet memory of my true love
the fairest flower down in the valley
I cannot deny that I miss her
although I kissed her goodbye in the alley

No letters I want
no call on my telephone
Don´t need your love
´cause my heart is made of stone
Suddenly I hear
someone is silently crying

Where did they go
the people I used to love
Lost in the wind
and drowned by the rain from above
SuddenIy I hear
someone is silently dying


Thomas Wiehe: sång, ak.gitarr
Håkan Ripa: kör, ak.gitarr
Mikael Wiehe: kör, ak.gitarr
Bengt-Göran Bjernhager: el.bas

Inspelad i Malmö den 26 november 1969